”....we love to be successful
          and always being
                 on the winner's side! ”


Roberto Angotti, I&I USA (right) and

Donato Resta, I&I European Branch

We believe in talent that is often overlooked throughout the world, and our goal is to work with these hidden gems so that they can realize their Big League dreams.


Our international portfolio is well represented from the high school and college levels
as well as the independent leagues.  Some of the players we work with have extensive MLB experience! Others are professionals in every imaginable field -from doctors in biomechanics to those affiliated with professional baseball and softball organizations internationally.

We aren't just picking up "ready made" prospects. We work closely with our promising talent, who are deserving of a second chance to be seen at important career-changing
events, whether it be a try-out or an invitation to a sports academy. 
We care about our prospects' futures and lend a helping hand in negotiating contracts and securing placement/endorsements.


We are constantly organizing special instructional clinics, sports academies, and college sports tours so that we can offer our clients the very best possible options for their specific needs.


We can also analyze, support and consulting teams or organizations in various technical fields. We are "coaching coaches" and "managing managers" when we are not helping players and others in finding their true potential. Feel free to contact us if you are tired of losing and want to be back on the winning track.