Aktualisiert: 13. Sept. 2019

Enjoy our impressions from "Day 5"

Team ITALY vs. BELGIUM (Finalscore 11:4)

Leftfielder Mattia Reginato shows us the beauty of Baseball Mechanics

Starting Righthand Pitcher Angelo Palumbo

Lefty Yomel Rivera in action

Chris Colabello's always looking for a homer

... and he's mostly finding one - here on his way home again

TEAM ITALY Manager Gilberto Gerali

Federico Celli hitting long

Designatet Hitter Alberto Mineo's preparing his equipment

... and obviously its in working order.

... good vibrations in the Italian dugout

... the Battle for "THIRD"!

Roberto Angotti at work


Some impressions of the game Israel vs. Nederland

Living NL-Pitching legend Robbie Cordemans at work

... just jumpin' and flyin'


Some impressions of the game Israel vs. France