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”Elite Coaching and Instructing System”, developed by Donato Resta

   It all began more than 30 years ago… Being very frustrated about the fact that everybody – including many self-declared coaches and instructors tried to tell me the ins and outs of baseball. I was always a skeptic about people who “taught” me to the game without any prior playing experience or real honest coaching philosophy. It was time for me to follow my own path and ideas for our great game. I didn't buy the promises offered by instructors that believed their X amount of playing experience and lessons learned by Coach Y would make me a better player or coach.

   This skepticism and all my baseball experiences guided me to the point where I knew there was a scientific solution to be found. Since that magical moment, I understood that as athletes we have to trust in our own laws of physics and science. I learned from real insiders who have pinpointed that most coaches and instructors are "believers" but not "knowers". The reality set in, and I learned the hard way. 

   It brought me to the conclusion by following science, physics and my tried-and-tested experiences that I had truly found the answers I had searched for throughout my playing and coaching career. I have witnessed firsthand the countless tragic stories about highly-touted prospects struggling to find their stride because their coaches and instructors

failed early on to successfully rate the skills and star power potential talent.

   It’s a fact and not just a hypothesis that baseball – like every other sport – should be played and learned with all scientific diagnostics available.
   During my 35 year baseball journey, I have been blessed to meet the “knowers” of our sport – from MLB players, coaches, and scouts to physicians and doctors in biomechanics. 
   I decided to develop my own academy strictly based on hands-on experience and scientific fundamentals. This has led me and my I&I-partner to create our own ”elite coaching and instructing system”. We have embedded it into our own academy on a modular basis. The end result guarantees us the best quality when it comes to developing prospects with potential and coaches/instructors with knowledge.
   When people ask me why I teach this way, I reply that it is about physics, biomechanics and a tough mental approach to the game.


Donato Resta

I&I European Academy Coordinator, Scouting & Instructing



  "I have been working with Donato Resta in the field of Biomechanical analysis and have been teaching Donato what I was taught by Dr. Gideon Ariel the father of Biomechanics.

  Donato is in full understanding of how the mechanics of pitching work and knows the kinetic chain sequences of the pitching motion. One thing we try to educate is to work with what the pitcher has and make it better and to keep the pitcher injury free and extend longevity...it is simplicity in a complexed science of velocities, torques and vectors all applied in force at the point of release.

  I recommend Donato Resta because he has the knowledge and can deliver the message in an clear understanding way.“

John D’Acquisto D.Sc.

Former Major League Pitcher with Research Doctorate in Exercise Science and Physiology with focus in the field of Applied Biomechanical sciences

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