Aktualisiert: 14. Juni 2019

The Italian Team Manager about the coming Olympic Qualifier, his work with the National Team and other insights of our great Sport in Italy.

EUROCUP 2019 SEMIFINAL RECAP by Fabio Betto, Benchcoach of UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna

Interview with daniele Mattioli, Head of Marketing/UNIPOLSAI FORTITUDO BOLOGNA

Interview with Italian Baseball Legend Salvatore Varriale

Watch and learn why he's one of the most important people in Italian Baseball

Aktualisiert: 11. Juni 2019

Have a look on I&I's coverage of one of the most important main events in European Baseball. Enjoy our pictures, independent opinions and more. For stats and all boxscores, please consult official sources on CEB and FORTITUDO Bologna.

"Gianni Falchi", stadium of UnipolSai FORTITUDO at Bologna

Schedule/Scores/Pictures Friday

Night Game, Curaçao Neptunus vs. UnipolSai Bologna

Curaçao Neptunus Rotterdam

UnipolSai Fortitudo Bologna

... obvouisly, the Umpires can't wait any longer

... the friendly rivalry starting again

... winning pitcher Stephen Perakslis

Neptunus' hard hitting

lurking duo!

... on time?!

...hard hitting Fortitudo

... celebrating a run!

... the crowd had a lot of fun.

Afternoon Game, L&D Amsterdam vs. Parmaclima

... Dutch legend Rob Cordemans!

... a real challenge for young PARMA players!

... and Orlando Oberto, a Italian hero.

Upsy Daisy!

... some action at 2nd!

... and the Amsterdam fans liked it!

... ready, set, go!

famous Parma supporters serouisly watching

... getting a dirt bounce under control!

already a happy bench?

... wating for their important job - THANKS!

Schedule/Scores/Pictures Thursday

... happy pregame meeting

FUNGO-HITTING at its best!

... hard and dedicated BP!

... and the SPARTANS are watching very seriously.

... FORTITUDO's Allessandro Vaglio's prepping


... meanwhile, kids are having fun just behind the stadium.

Osman Marval at bat

... SPARTAN pitching with style

... but FORTITUDO's Ericson Leonora is fighting back

... and shows what that means!

FORTITUDO's answer on the mound

... nicely accomplished!

... ready for answer!

... will he steal?!

... a blowout celebration with dignity.

Schedule/Scores/Pictures Tuesday-Wednesday

... the wall of famous retired Bologna Baseball Heroes

... Alessandro Vaglio in his inimitable beautiful way to hit a bullet fair!!

... hey, something's going on!

... always concentrating!

"Homerun-Powerhouse" Osman Marval

... HIGH CONTRAST Pitching!


... but the Czech's tried hard!

... a blow out and a hot night, but still a pretty crowd

... flipping hands

... Jarreau Martina of FORTITUDO takes a look

Aktualisiert: 6. Juni 2019

DON / September 18-23, 2018 at Hoofddorp, Netherlands

... its time for the ultimate clash of the EUROPEAN top teams to battle for the official European Championship title and of course for a Olympic qualifier pool slot. The teams of the Netherlands and Italy are strongly heading for this so important mission, trying to represent their federations in the most powerful and committed ways. Despite this fact, all other participating teams are surely opting to disturb the obvious favorites on their expected path to the final game on Sunday - you'll never know what will happen in Baseball, especially in tournaments defined by double pressure goals!

Get all tournament informations from the official SUPER6 website: https://www.super6baseballsoftball.com/

IMPRESSIONS - Thursday, 20 September

Softball: Italy's next step to the final with another win over RUSSIA (final score 8:0)
... reaching third!


... sport is life, happiness and tragedy at the same moment!

Baseball: ... another tough "Hitchcock" tie-breaker - and the win of the "THURSDAY CLASH" goes to the Dutch Team against a brillantly fighting Team ITALY!

... closer for the winning Dutch team: Loek VAN MIL
Interview with Nadir Ljatifi of Team GERMANY after the game against Spain.

IMPRESSIONS - Friday, 21 September

Baseball: Team ITALIA's win against CZECH Republic (final score: 25:10).

... bad weather conditions today - the Baseball game Netherlands vs. Spain and the Softball game Netherlands vs. CZECH Republic rained all out!

IMPRESSIONS - Saturday, 22 September

Baseball: Team ITALIA's win against Team Spain (final score: 8:5).
... Alex Liddi, diving home!

TEAM ITALIA, Celebrating!

GARCIA Robel: ... where's the ball!?!

... choreography of a dancer.

LHP Luis Lugo

LHP Luis Lugo

Chris Colabello and Giuseppe Mazzanti, celebrating!

Ustariz Jesus

Chris Colabello

18:43: Standings during rain break of the game Spain vs. Netherlands





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